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Hotel Malý Pivovar - České Budějovice

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Konference a školení

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace u Královské Pečeti

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Hotelové Služby

The Malý Pivovar Hotel ****

Dear customers.
Hotel Malý pivovar **** has been closed for an indefinite period since 1.6.2021 due to extensive reconstruction.
The Budvarka pub remains open without restrictions.

Thank you for you understanding.

The hotel, which has a heart.
More than 700 years of history

and brewer's heritage welcome you just

in the center of the royal town of České Budějovice

Luxury Accomodation

Guests can enjoy a comfort of all the seasons and high–class accommodation in the most beautiful parts of České Budějovice in 25 rooms, stylishly equipped, and 4 apartments which the Malý Pivovar Hotel offers them. read more

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Congresses and Conferences

Intimate premises of the Malý Pivovar Hotel equipped with an excellent technical and lay-out facilities are a highly sought meeting place for prominent foreign and national personalities. read more

Social events

The intimate premises of the Malý Pivovar Hotel are a highly sought meeting place for prominent personalities and the municipal representatives of České Budějovice. The modern hotel's equipments placed in the old historical building is only few steps from the famous town square of Přemysl Otakar II. The Malý Pivovar Hotel represents a comfort platform for the tourist trade and the center of tourist life in the southern Bohemia metropolis. read more

Restaurant U královské pečeti

The open air – interior of the hotel's U královské pečeti restaurant is uniquely joined with the nobleness of its equipment. The representative premises suit for an organization of formal occasions. read more

Budvarka brasserie

he first – rate reputation of the original Budvarka brasserie situated in the Malý Pivovar Hotel is based on the quality of served draught beers as well as on the excellent cuisine which offers a wide choice of old Bohemian and southern Bohemian dishes. The stylish ambient of the Budvarka brasserie references to an old brewing tradition of this region. read more

3D virtual tour

Check out the 3D virtual tour of our hotel. read more

Hotel MALÝ PIVOVAR v Českých Budějovicích hodnocení