Hotel Malý pivovar

Hotel Malý Pivovar - České Budějovice

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Konference a školení

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace u Královské Pečeti

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Hotelové Služby

Hotels services

Room services, Hotel´s exchange office, flowers, parking under a CCTV surveillance, Inroom, internet access

Based on your wish the Hotel´s reception books guide and interpreting services, tickets, a cultural program or a top sport activities, equitation, fishing and huntsman ship including.

All the Hotel's premises offer a full restaurant service. Pursuant to your wish and after an understanding the operation time can be changed. By request we can ensure a transport by bus or taxi. Organisation of brewery visit, a visit of the multimedia exposition on brewing, sight-seeing tours, a reservation of a sound system, a lighting, flower decoration.

The possibility to order a live music or other cultural program /Southern Bohemian pipers' band, accordions, southern Bohemian brass band, a live music program with 1960s-1990s music/.

The Malý Pivovar Hotel offers also 12-hour room service, exchange office, laundry, flower service and a parking lot under a CCTV surveillance.


Hotel MALÝ PIVOVAR v Českých Budějovicích hodnocení