Hotel Malý pivovar

Hotel Malý Pivovar - České Budějovice

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Konference a školení

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace u Královské Pečeti

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Hotelové Služby

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Historical building in
the center of České Budějovice.
The best tradition of the southern Bohemia hospitality.

The intimate premises of the Malý Pivovar Hotel are a highly sought meeting place for prominent personalities and the municipal representatives of České Budějovice. The modern hotel's equipments placed in the old historical building is only few steps from the famous town square of Přemysl Otakar II. The Malý Pivovar Hotel represents a comfort platform for the tourist trade and the center of tourist life in the southern Bohemia metropolis. Hotel's venues are highly sought for an organization of all sorts of meetings and events. The prominent personalities belong to regular hotel's guests during their staying in the town. Thanks to the complexity and quality of offered services as well as to the unique atmosphere the Hotel represents the best tradition of the southern Bohemia hospitality.

Hotel's menu

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Hotel's menu

Hotel MALÝ PIVOVAR v Českých Budějovicích hodnocení